Miniature Painting

Petr sitting and painting.

Miniature painting is my go to activity after work and on the weekends. Passion for this hobby is slowly replacing my passion for programming. Instead of staying up late to code I now stay up late to paint.

I am aspiring to replace my day to day software development job with activites related to miniature painting. My plan is very simple:

  1. Creating and participating instead of consuming.
    • Paint every day!
    • Instagram channel documenting my progress
    • Blog with tutorials and my thoughts on hobby
    • Active participation in the community including contests
  2. Establishing a viable business.
    • Commission work
    • Youtube Channel with tutorials
    • Patreon

At the time of writing this I am starting the first phase of the plan and it should be my main focus for the upcoming year 2020. Even this site is a part of the plan, as I wanted to have a public pledge and record.